Working Group Technical Committee Works for Domestic Production

Working Group Technical Committee Working for Domestic Production: Authorized by Turkish Shipowners Association; Technical Committee 10 March 2015 in Tülomsaş Eskişehir; UDHB Undersecretary Asst. Özkan POYRAZ chaired by the General Director of Tulomsas Hayri AVCI, Tulomsas and TCDD met with officials.

Hayri AVCI's short Tülomsaş presentation and information after the factory, were visited, information about the production was received. After Tülomsaş production was shown to the delegation, the meeting hall was passed, under the chairmanship of Özkan POYRAZ, First of all Tülomsaş production was brought to the conditions appropriate to the conditions of the day, fuel consumption in particular, making it suitable for ships, branding were discussed. Tülomsaş's effectiveness and development in locomotive machines was discussed.

As the most important agenda item, Pendik Motor-like license to manufacture machines and large-scale machinery production with Pendik for the cooperation, the necessity of a brand was re-emphasized. TÜLOMSAŞ (Semavi Bilgiç, Mustafa Eser, Fatih Turan, Mehmet Bayraktutar, Nurten Dereoglu, Ekrem Duran, Tuba N. Eroglu, Ercan Dogan, Sedat Erden, Ali Osman Koyun) TCDD (Bulent Alp) -GEMIMO (Hakki Toros) -TL (Aykut Yılmaz) -KOSDER (Özgür Topuz, Hüseyin Kocabaş) -GESAD (Mutafa Ünar) -YTU (Prof. Dr. Ahmet Dursun Alkan) -GTÜ (Rafig Mehdiyev, Ahmet Sinan Öktem) participated.

To the meeting Mr. Özkan POYRAZ's Tuletsaş officials and participants, Hakan Toros'un importance given to the subject, thanks to the end of UDHB was terminated.

How to reach these days;

Regarding the Turkish Shipowners' Association's Participation in Coaches, Erol YUCEL President DTO during the meeting GEMIMO IZMIR President TOROS'ın Shipbuilding rate of domestic production to use very little, should be increased if you are not doing a Ship Machine, you can not say I'm doing the ship words as Yücel had dropped the agenda like a bomb.

Hakkı TOROS Tülomsaş stated that the local production companies should be supported to modernize according to the conditions of the day.

Erol Yucel repeated the issue and emphasized its importance and the benefits to the country's economy by providing additional incentives for domestic producers. In February, 16 asked the participants to participate in the workshop to be held in Turkish Shipowners Association. Turkish Shipowners' Association Asst. Erol Yücel chaired by the working group; Shipowners Union-DTO-TL-GEMIMO-GMO-GISAS-GESAD-KOSDER-SSGEMI Shipowners-Kumcular Coop.-Kumdaş-Tulomsaş officials attended. Hakkı TOROS team captain Technical Committee GEMİMO-GMO (Sn.Sinem DEDETAŞ) -TL (Mr. Bülent DURAN) -GİSAŞ (Mr. Ercan Özkutuculat) OGESAD (Mr. Mustafa ÜNER).

The Technical Committee held its first meeting at GISBIR - TUZLA Center.



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