TCDD trains and pet transportation conditions and tariff

Carrying conditions and timetables of trains by TCDD: Small pets (bird, cat, fish, small dog etc.)

a) Not being larger than the weight and volume of the owner's size

b) Not to cause any damage or pollution in the carriage to be transported and in the seat where the transportation will be carried out, not to disturb the other passengers with their smells or noises,

c) The presence of an identification card and veterinary health report (the health certificate issued by the Municipality in the carriage of cats and ornamental dogs)
It is allowed to transport trains in YHT and other passenger wagons with the exception of covered walks and sleepers, and transported by 50 discounted over the full standard fare of the train according to the train and distance to be transported.

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    1. If the next time a dog travels on the seats, a citizen will sit on this seat and have to pray with this dress, something that will be authorized, dear dear.

    2. If you feel that your place is not very clean, take a bed sheet and so on. When he knows that you are a living animal, you will remember when you are human. Have mercy on you in heaven.