Hangar Building of TCDD Has Been Rented

The Hangar Building of TCDD Has Been Rented: The Hangar Building, located in the Yeşilköy Station area of ​​the General Directorate of TCDD Enterprise, in the Bakırköy District of Istanbul, will be rented with a closed bidding method of 10 thousand TL for use as a "restaurant, cafeteria, restaurant".

General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) will be leased in closed bid method on 10 thousand TL for use as ”restaurant, cafeteria, restaurant” which is located in Yeşilköy Station area of ​​Bakırköy district of İstanbul.

According to the announcement published in the Official Gazette today, the Hangar Building located in the Yeşilköy Station area of ​​Bakırköy District of İstanbul, belonging to the General Directorate of TCDD, will be used as ç restaurants, cafeteria, restaurant İşlet. through closed envelope with offer method to be rented. The contract for the real estate subject to the tender will be concluded as of the 10 year valid contract. Tender 10 March 30 2015 on Monday at 13.30. Regional Directorate of Immovable Property Commission will be held. The announcements of the tender and the documents requested from the tenderers can be seen on the ov www.tcdd.gov.tr/ihaleler den website of the TCDD with the bulletin board of the Sirkeci Garage Directorate. The bid bond will be 1 thousand TL. Tender specification price will be in 30 TL VAT. TCDD 200. Region Property and Construction Directorate-Haydarpasa'da can be seen for free.

Those who wish to participate in the tender Tender file latest 30 March 2015 Monday to 13.30 TCDD 1. The Regional Directorate will hand over to the Tender Commission. If there is only one participation in the tender, it will be converted into a bargaining method at the same time, if deemed appropriate by the tender commission.

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