A college student who killed an 4 person on a commuter train in Taiwan

Kill a person on a suburban train in the colony
Kill a person on a suburban train in the colony

A university student who killed 4 on a suburban train in Taiwan executed her student: a college student who was killing four passengers on a commuter train last year in Taiwan was sentenced to death. Taiwan's media had made the analogy of “the evil from hell” for the university student Çeng.

Taiwan's capital Taipei, Taiwan, the case last year in May 21 a capital city on a suburban train attacking passengers with knives, death of four people and 22 injured the people of the university student Çeng Cieh was given the death penalty.

Lien Yu-chyun, spokesperson for the district court, said that the 21-year-old Cheng was y difficult to correct. Bölge

Çeng Çieh wrote on the Facebook page of the Social Media Site before the attack that he had written that Medya he wanted to do something very big Ç.

Mış The Apple Daily ”wrote that before the verdict, he did not care about the possibility of Cheng Chou being sentenced to death.

Some people in the country "a zebani from hell," described as the Çeng's right to appeal the decision has the right.

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