Destructed Bridge

The Destructed Bridge is Danger: The bridge on the Zap water on the Hakkari-Çukurca highway is damaged and the bridge is damaged.
The town of Üzümcü on the Hakkari-Çukurca highway in the town of Çimenli, on the other hand, indicates that hundreds of vehicles have passed over the bridge that passes through the bridge.
The villagers said, Hakk The bridge that was built on Zap water years ago provides transportation to the Hakkari-Çukurca and Şırnak highway. As a result of the increase in the water flow rate and the passing of heavy goods vehicles, the bridge is damaged and it is dangerous. In addition, the bridge is very narrow and even if the two vehicles pass side by side it seems difficult. We want the relevant institution to undertake review on the bridge and take the necessary measures without causing a further disaster. If the bridge collapses, the transportation of the provinces and districts will stop completely. Kö
Hakkari Highways 114. Officials of the Branch Chief of the bridge did not have information about the status of the bridge 50 years ago, they said.

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