Çakıroğlu's Criminal Reporting For Metro

Criminal Complaint by Çakıroğlu for Metro: AK Party İzmir 1st Region Deputy Candidate Candidate Vasfi Çakıroğlu filed a criminal complaint with the relevant Public Prosecutor's Office for the subway tunnel between Polygon and Üçkuyular. Claiming that the public has suffered millions of liras in losses due to the project change in the construction works, Çakıroğlu said that the contractor firm, Vice President of METU Civil Engineering Department Assoc. Dr. Erdem claimed that the risks stated in the expert report prepared by Canbay in 2011 still continue.

"Nobody can give an account"
Stating that the 3-storey Barış and Çaylak apartments, which are not expropriated in Bornova and whose 9 floors are illegal, do not comply with the earthquake regulations, Çakıroğlu also stated that the metro line passing under it poses a serious risk for the residents of the apartment. meters pass under. Due to the vibration created by the wagons on the ground, visible cracks began to occur in the buildings on the upper floor over time. "If one day there is a collapse or loss of life in the buildings and stations I mentioned, nobody can account for it."
Regarding the practices in the world, Çakıroğlu explained that there are 2 passenger evacuation exits, 2 departures and 4 arrivals at each subway station, but there are 3 exits when Göztepe Station is examined. Whatever happened, the company that spent so much money to make the exit stopped doing this exit. The public was not informed, nor was it asked to account for all the money spent. During the Polygon Station excavation, the diaphragm wall was fabricated. The wall has collapsed, the company doing the work has run away. The public damage caused by the loss of time was again not asked. The opening of the subway was delayed for 4 years due to improper manufacturing in project errors. Considering how many million people use the subway per day, the amount of damage to the municipality and shopkeepers becomes clear, ”he said.

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