Fast Train Passengers Sent by Buses (Video)

High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) passengers arriving at Eskişehir Station are sent by bus to the destination due to the problem in the power transmission lines.

YHT passengers waiting at Eskişehir Station are sent to their destination by bus. High Speed ​​Train (YHT) passengers arriving at Eskişehir Station are sent by bus to the destination due to the problems experienced in the power transmission lines. According to the information received, the electricity transmission lines in many regions are starting at 10.36. Due to the problem, YHT flights could not be made to Ankara, Konya and Istanbul directions. The victimization of the passengers going to these destinations was started to be solved by rented buses. Passengers who want to cancel the ticket and ticket tickets were refunded. Eskişehir Gar Directorate officials, the bus line until the problem will be resolved by the passengers will be transported by bus. Authorities, the remaining YHT'larin diesel engine locomotives withdrawn.

About Levent Ozen
Every year, high-speed rail sector, the European leader in the growing Turkey. Investments in railways, which take this speed from high-speed trains, continue to increase. In addition, with the investments made for transportation in the city, the stars of many of our companies making domestic production shine. It is proud that Turkish high-speed tren national train ”production has been started in addition to the companies producing domestic tram, light rail and subway vehicles. We are very happy to be in this proud table.


  1. In system operation planning; in a way that varies according to the geographic location of the country, eg: a disaster situation called km Hundred-Year disaster tına in Central European countries (high voltage lines broken by snow, ice, ice formation, fet 100km / h storm inde), it is calculated that flights may be interrupted. This 10 can be once a year, and 40 is a hot one. The resulting chaos is tolerated by each cut. US, the last 6 does not enter the general power outage bvu CLASS twice a year! Because the stability of a system cannot depend on such a cotton thread. The damages are caused by the country's resources and the citizens are out of the purse of the citizen. One of the MAIN MISSIONS of the organs of the state and the administration is to equip, manage, operate and operate in such a manner that it does not give way to this situation! From this situation, the government (s) and institutions can never stand out without any injuries! WHAT TO REQUIRE THE REQUIREMENTS, WITH VILEW, ABSOLUTELY PREVENT AND RESULT IN THE PREVENTION! This cannot be passed through by the shamans, regardless of the political iştiril color!

  2. There is a shortcoming in the starting line of the above comment: The period planned for the Hundred-Year-Disaster is 12 years. I'm sorry for mistake.


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