Spanish SENER can participate in Moscow-Kazan High Speed ​​Train tender

Spanish SENER can participate in the Moscow-Kazan High Speed ​​Train tender: Spain's leading private engineering and construction company SENER has announced that they can participate in the tender for the design of the first high-speed railway in Moscow-Kazan.

Russian Railways (RZD) announced that they have started a tender to select the designer of the Moscow-Kazan High Speed ​​Railway yesterday.

Related studies should be done during 2015-2016 period. Initially the maximum price was expressed as 20,79 billion rubles.

The deadline for applications is 16 April. All petitions will be reviewed in April and 24 will be announced in April.


SENER has announced that they can apply for the tender. Açık This issue has been interested in us for a long time, iyor said the company's Infrastructure and Transportation Department. In order to make a final decision on participation, we are now examining the characteristics of this concrete issue. Katılım

. We are monitoring all projects in the field of high-speed transportation across the globe,, the company representatives added.

Design, engineering and construction works in the field of high-speed railways are one of the activities of the SENER group.

The company also works on tunnels, bridges, subways and other engineering projects and conducts research on aerodynamics, ventilation systems and satellite communications. SENER, having great experience in airport, sea port, ship, shipyard, roads and highways construction, carries out projects in the field of electrical energy, takes part in space and defense projects.



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