This is how skiers enjoy the ski resort.

This is how the skiers enjoy the ski resort: Karacadag, an 1919 altitude, which is known as the bulunan Ulu Mountain 'of the Southeast, which is located within the borders of Siverek district of Şanlıurfa, continues to be a popular destination for ski lovers.

Due to the fact that it is the only ski resort in the region, skiers from Sanliurfa, Diyarbakir, Mardin and Batman who are frequented by ski lovers are trying to enjoy the snow and the sun. The snow thickness of the Karacadağ ski center is 25 at the same time. It is used both as a ski resort and as a picnic area for ski lovers. Karacadag ski center is suitable for beginner skiers as well as professional skiers.

People from the ski slopes did not search for professional skiers while skiing. In the ski center, it was learned that the cost of one-hour skiing cost was 20 TL. The citizens who came to the ski resort, barbecuing on the snow and skiing, as well as enjoying the picnic. Some citizens took a souvenir photo. The citizens of the ski resort said in a statement; for the first time they came to the ski center and had a nice feeling, said that it was happy to have such a center here. Sinan Atilla from the ski center;

Iyor We are in Karacadağ, this place is generally known for its warmth, the temperature is at 35-40, we have a beautiful place like Karacadağ. This is where 3 is skiing near the moon. We said that we are doing our skiing here and we are doing our barbecue.

Karacadağ region is our region, our village immediately under the Karacadag is coming here for both a slider and a picnic to make statements.