Sirkeci is changing

📩 03/12/2018 16:39

Sirkeci is changing: The face of the historical peninsula is changing. With the removal of the trains, the coast line between Unkapanı-Yedikule 5 will be reshaped within the framework of the project. The garage will be the museum.

At the session of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) Assembly on Tuesday, it was decided to start work on transferring the historical buildings in the Sirkeci Station to the 49 yearbook from TCDD for free. With this decision, the signature of the protocol with TCDD was given to Mayor Kadir Topbaş. Within the scope of the İstanbul Sirkeci Environmental Design Project Demiryolu, which will be built on the developments of 124 thousand square meters, the buildings within the Sirkeci Station will be the Istanbul City Museum and the Istanbul Railway Museum. Office buildings such as Operation Directorate and Procurement Regional Directorate will be a boutique hotel.

Traffic will land underground

The traffic in Sirkeci will be taken under the ground and the area where the Sirkeci Station is located will be united to the sea and transformed into a park area where cultural and artistic activities are carried out. For the nostalgic Orient Express train coming from Europe, two tracks will be protected in the fortification section. The train line will be tripled with Marmaray outside the city wall. The Sirkeci Landscaping Project also includes pedestrianization of the coast road from Unkapanı Bridge to Sarayburnu. In this way, the coastal road vehicle traffic will be taken under the underground tunnel and the whole region will be pedestrianized. There will also be a detour for emergencies. The project aims to solve the region's ”negative vehicle-pedestrian density, surplus idle areas, lack of car parking and functional problems of historical buildings Proje.

Old bicycle

Biking path, hiking trail, resting and living areas will be formed along the suray line extending from Yedikule to Sirkeci. The most densely populated Yedikule, the ones living in Kocamustafapaşa and Fındıkzade, will use the old train line as a bicycle path and a hiking trail. Old stations will be cafeteria.

Surdibi will be safer

Sarai Sierra, a US citizen, will be the place of passage of people who have been killed. The integrated project of the Historic Peninsula will link the Yedikule dungeons and land walls with Sultanahmet and Sirkeci to new living spaces.

CHP rejection vote

Hüseyin Sağ, who spoke on behalf of the CHP group, opposed the transfer of Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa stations to IMM and stated that the protocol did not clarify whether the buildings in question would be transferred to third parties after their transfer to IMM. Right, stating that they would carry the matter to the judiciary, stated the reasons for not participating in the decision: “While the historical garage should be used by TCDD, it was turned over and transferred to IMM. You will give from IBB to Kultur AS and from there to BELTUR your own associates. The more we reproach, the more judgment we carry, the result will not change. Biz

Shop with Bosphorus view

According to the news of Hürriyet, Yavuz, Çelebi, Kanuni, Beyazıt and Fatih noses, which will be given the names of the sultans on the sea, will be used as a viewing terrace. The commercial areas that will spread over 4 thousand 500 square meters will have a Bosphorus view and a single storey, so the silhouette will not deteriorate. There will be souvenir shops under the jeans.

Historic Gar Museum

2 annually in the 125 Abdülhamit Sirkeci Station will be transformed into a city museum. Gara's office buildings will be a boutique hotel. Unused rail system will be removed and only two lines will be protected for nostalgic Orient Express.

Harem pier will be lifted

Sirkeci-Harem pier will be lifted after the rubber wheel tube transition project is brought to life.

In the open space above the tunnel, there is a university activity area, countries' promotion area and the Sultan's Square.

5 bin 300 'Concert Island' will be built on the platform created by driving the pile into the sea. There will be underground parking.

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