Silifkeli Muhtarlar requested maintenance on the roads between the neighborhood

Silifkeli Muhtarlar requested care for the roads between the neighborhood: Silifke Muhtarlar Association President Hayati Akdeniz, members of the board and the Mayor of the 30 neighborhood Mayor Mustafa Turgut visited his office and asked for maintenance of the roads between the neighborhood as soon as possible.
Silifke Mayor Mustafa Turgut, who devotes Friday to headmen, listened to the problems of the headmen of Silifke Muhtarlar Association. Speaking on behalf of the headmen, President Hayati Akdeniz said, “Our Silifke has 88 neighborhoods. As a municipality, you may not be able to request every neighborhood instantly, but we urgently want the maintenance and repair of asphalt roads. It is known that there was excessive snow and rain especially in our high-neighborhood neighborhoods. For this reason, there is no asphalt left on the roads. The request of all our muhtar friends is to make our ways as soon as possible. ” said. Akdeniz also asked them to support neighborhood headmen.
Expressing his satisfaction with the visit, Mayor Mustafa Turgut said, “I am happy to see you together as such a crowd. They are trying to pacify our muhtars with the laws made. We are always ready to support you. ” spoke in the form. Noting that the muhtars are important to them, Mayor Turgut continued as follows: “With the Metropolitan Law, this number has been reduced to one while there are many municipalities and 10 muhtars in many towns. A headman has to deal with the problem of a large region. Even if you don't have the authority, the citizen knows you first. ”
Underlining that they are doing asphalt and cobblestone tenders in the near future, with the improvement of the weather, Mayor Turgut said, “With the Metropolitan Law, the tools and equipment of the Municipality were transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality. We are trying to produce services with almost scrapped vehicles. We are currently working in some areas, but in the upcoming period, we will do asphalt, parquet and maintenance repair of the roads of our neighborhoods in order of priority. ” found in the description.
Stating that there are two separate Mukhtars Associations in Silifke and that muhtars must be in unity and solidarity, Turgut said, “We want our muhtars to protect their unity and solidarity. As the Municipality, we are at the same distance from both associations. ” used the expression.
President of the Mukhtar Association Hayati Akdeniz, Silifke Muhtarlar Derneği with the other association managers have no problems, they can combine if they want, he said.
Turkey Mukhtar Federation of blank headmen in vain that they pay monthly, suggesting that there is no return to the Federation of Silifke Mediterranean, "We will do general assembly in March as Headmen Association Silifke. Our friends from other associations can come to my association and become a member. In fact, if they are candidates for presidency, they can preside. ” he spoke.



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