Seyrantepe Metro was decided for an accident

It was decided for the accident in the Seyrantepe Metro: In the investigation carried out in the investigation of the security guard Fatih Çoban on 29 September 2014 in the Seyrantepe Metro, the decision of not pursuing the mechanic Burhan Civelek was made. In the decision of non-prosecution, which was stated that Fatih Çoban gave up his complaint, it was stated that the complainant Shepherd was injured by negligence, there was no conscious negligence in the incident, and that the mechanic Civelek did not have any flaws.

The investigation carried out by security guard Fatih Çoban (33) at Seyrantepe Metro on September 29, 2014 about the iron rod stuck in his hip concluded after 6 months. Prosecutor Mehmet Güner, who conducted the investigation, decided not to prosecute the mechanic Burhan Civelek. Stating that it was understood that the complainant Fatih Çoban was injured with an iron bar coming from the window while traveling on the subway, the prosecutor Güner emphasized that he later gave up his complaint.

In the non-prosecution decision, it was understood that it was understood that there was no “conscious negligence” situation in the event that Fatih Çoban was injured by negligence, and that the mechanic Burhan Civelek did not have any flaws.


Making a statement at the prosecutor's office on 10 March, Fatih Çoban said, “Although I complained about my injury in the subway before, I am not complaining about anyone at the moment. I give up my complaint. ”


The piece of iron stuck in the hip of Fatih Çoban, who was injured in a subway accident on September 29, 2014, was removed after the operation, which lasted about 1 hour. Security guard Fatih Coban started to work in Transportation Inc., one of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality companies operating the subway.



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