Selcuklu Municipality Substructure Goal 40 Million Parquet

Selcuklu Municipality Substructure Goal 40 Million Parquet: The center of Konya Selcuklu District Municipality, 2015 activity in the parquet, border and asphalt construction work began.
The center of Konya's Selçuklu District Municipality started the parquet, border and asphalt construction works included in the 2015 activity program. The target of the Selçuklu Municipality, which continues its activities in line with the priority needs of the district, is 40 million parquet.
Selçuklu Municipality, which aims to increase the quality of life in the district, has started infrastructure works in 2015. In Seljuk, whose population is increasing and its borders are increasing day by day, between 2009 and 2014, a total of 2 million 250 thousand 818 m² hot asphalt, 2 million 625 thousand 766 m² cold asphalt, 2 million 95 thousand 332 m² parquet and 515 thousand 919 meter border infrastructure strengthened.
Although the works in the district vary according to the needs, the officials said that they provide the best service to all neighborhoods and stated that their targets are 2015 million parquet in 40. Selçuklu Municipality, which plans infrastructure works in 38 neighborhoods, 72 of which are central neighborhoods, aims to build 2015 thousand m² of parquet and 920 thousand meters of borders in 335. Selçuklu Municipality, which continues parquet, border and repair works in the neighborhoods connected to the center with the New Metropolitan Law No. 6360, conducts its works with a total of 23 teams, 40 of which are parquet-border team. In addition, officials stated that asphalt works have started with 2 pavers in Buhara Mahallesi Hat Sokak Büyükkeçeciler Street.
Seljuk Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay, who said that we are carrying out infrastructure services intensely in all of Seljuks with our newly connected neighborhoods, said: “As Selçuklu Municipality, social and cultural organizations; We invest in many areas such as education, health, green space and sports. In addition to these investments, we also attach importance to the infrastructure and superstructure works of Selçuk. We carry out the completion of infrastructure deficiencies in our new neighborhoods and the renewal of the old infrastructure in our other neighborhoods. We are providing the best service to all our neighborhoods with the planned and scheduled studies. ”



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