Sarımeşede Superstructure Improvements in Progress

Superstructure Improvements in Sarımeşesi Continues: The surfaces of the main artery connected roads in Kartepe are damaged by asphalt patch and parquet repairs.
The most efficient way to evaluate the weather in the Kartepe Municipality with its own team and equipment, patches and repair work on the routes made in Sarımeşe'da. The asphalt patch and parquet repair team is repairing the individual roads by scanning the surfaces that are deteriorated as a result of the infrastructure work throughout the district. Teams in Sarımeşe Neighborhood, İSU, İZGAZ and SEDAŞ, such as infrastructure work done by institutions due to the deterioration of the repair of the upper structure has been repaired and repaired.
Asphalt Patch and Parquet Repair teams of Kartepe Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs have opened the routes to traffic following the asphalt patch and locked paving stone repairs on the connected intermediate artery roads, mainly on the main arterial roads. The teams that make arrangements in the form of rings continue to make patches and repairs in accordance with the determinations they made in order to provide a comfortable transportation opportunity for the people of the district while improving the problems.



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