Tekkeköy Line of Samsun Light Rail System Started

📩 03/12/2018 16:40

Tekkeköy Line of Samsun Light Rail System Started: The demolition of the bridge built for the entrance to Samsun Organized Industrial Zone by the 7th Regional Directorate of Highways within the scope of the rail system works, reduced the work of industrial tradesmen by half.

As part of the efforts to extend the Samsun Rail System to the Tekkeköy district at the Station Station, the teams of the Highways 7th Regional Directorate demolished the bridge at the entrance of the Organized Industrial Zone and reduced the work of the industrial tradesmen in half. Tradesmen demanded that the work be completed as soon as possible and the construction of the bridge be completed.

Tradesman named Mustafa Sancak, who has an advertising firm in the OSB, said in a statement that the bridge was destroyed without informing them. Sancak, who claims that the bridge could not be completed for 4 months, said, "The Japanese are building in 57 days. They start work at 8.00:17.00 in the morning like civil servants, and end their work at XNUMX:XNUMX in the evening. Our request is the fast completion of the construction. Our jobs have been cut in half. We pay our staff a salary and rent where we stand. We are in a difficult situation, ”he said.


Gas Station Operator Fazlı Abdik stated that they had not been able to do business for months and said, “For 6 months, they have not been able to erect two poles. It has been 2 years since I built the bridge. They demolished the bridge to make way for the rail system. That much money was wasted. We do not denigrate the rail system, let it come. However, the state's money is wasted. There is a cost of at least 5 million lira there. In addition, our work has been cut in half. “He spoke.


On the other hand, Turan Çakır, Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the bridge was demolished by the teams of the Highways Directorate in accordance with the request of the Metropolitan Municipality and that the work is planned to be completed in 1 month. He talked about the work of the Çakır rail system as follows: “We had done turnkey projects before, but now we have opened the route ourselves. We will finish the construction phase by the end of this year. Train purchases will be made afterwards. In this period, we aim to transport the rail system to Tekkeköy. “

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