Signalization And Intersection Application In Samsat Square

Signalization and Junction Implementation in Samsat Square: In the context of BRT (Metrobus System) Road, a new application is implemented in Samsat Square following the intersection which gives signalization system and tunnel access in front of Harran Hotel.
Metropolitan Municipality of the Department of Science, the pavement arrangement in the Samsat Square Transportation Department is doing a new intersection arrangement. In front of the MHP Provincial Building on the Samsat Square in front of the Atatürk High School from there to give the possibility to switch to the Kaplı Pasajı as well as the signaling system that expresses the Transportation Department Head Hüseyin Alagöz, all these arrangements for the road to Metrobus said.
Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality, Eyyubiye district began to process hot asphalt on Demirtas Avenue. Eyyübiye District Municipality damaged the ground by removing the street before the asphalt prefabrication works completing the Metropolitan Works of the Metropolitan Municipality teams, today began to hot asphalt.



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