Overhaul machine of Ray welding factory revised

Overhaul machine of the rail welding factory was revised: The general revision of the Fast Path Refurbishment Machine was carried out by the Ray Welding and Road Machinery Repair Factory, replacing the old parts of the machine with the new parts of 70.

Fast-Track Renewals Machines of Host and Crane, Deutz Engine, Main Chassis revisions with new and old Traverse Bands, Crane Main Chassis Foot and Hydraulic Traverse Holder Mechanisms and Control System, Traverse Getting and Spreading System, Ray deflector Systems, Hydraulic System Rollers, Hydraulic System Equipment and Hydraulic Hoses, Electronic and Electronic Control System was redesigned and the machine was activated.

The construction of these components with very high international prices was realized at the factory at a much more favorable price as a result of engineering studies.

For example, Traverse original parts Import and paving the unit price 650.000.-EURO system, redesigned with factory facilities, were manufactured 130.000.-TL with local market support.

The total cost of 500.000.-TL was spent for the revision of the Fast Road Renewal Machine and the replacement of parts, saving up to% 90.




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