Rayır Travers Factory in Etiyopada

The Rayton Traverse Factory of Yapıray Company In Ethiopia: 18 workers from the Rayton Traverse factory, which is owned by Yapıray, a company of Yapıray Holding, was sent off with prayers to establish and operate the same holding factory in Ethiopia.

18 workers from the Rayton Traverse factory, which is owned by Yapıray Company of Yapıray, was sent off with prayers to establish and operate the Ethiopian factory of the same holding.

Things are too big
The Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebaya Railway Project, which will be built as a single line with a length of 389, will start from the northeast of Awash city and continue north and reach the city of Weldia via Kombolcha city. In addition to its contribution to passenger and freight traffic, this railway line will also help import and export via Djibouti Port, and will play an important role in ensuring the connection between the northern part and the country.

18 qualified member went to Ethiopia
Yapıray, which is serving in İhsaniye district, sent a total of 25 qualified personnel to Ethiopia for the factory to be established in Ethiopia. From Yapıray factory in İhsaniye district, 18 qualified member became Ethiopian passenger. Ihsaniye mayor, Şaban Çabuk, went to the factory for workers who set off in the night hours and offered cake and wished the workers good luck.

Rail System graduates are not unemployed
Şehan Çabuk, the mayor of İhsaniye, made statements after the workers' farewell; In The most important company of our country has a great contribution to our region. From İhsaniye to Ethiopia, 4 million pieces of traverse connection elements will be exported. Qualified employees here are being taken to the newly procured tenders as founding staff and have other jobs done by the local staff in that country. This shows that graduates of the Rail Systems department to be established within the University will not be unemployed with the permission of God. Ki

We need to make our voice heard
Quickly continued his explanations; Em They work as managers and qualified personnel in the projects to be carried out in our country and in the world. In our country, great importance is given to public transportation, High Speed ​​Railways, roads are finished and the operation of the system will provide employment opportunities to the personnel trained in these schools, and it is very important for us to carry the issue back to the agenda of our city and the valuable managers of our university. We need to be heard. This school will add a lot to our district, our province and our university. We offer a college which cannot be closed due to lack of students. Afyon Kocatepe University will benefit greatly from this company and school. May Allah give way to our workers. May Allah open the way of our company. Allah

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