Public transport fire place

Public transport fire place: In Istanbul, the incendiary metrobuste was returned to the disaster. This incident also raised the issue of security in public transport.

Şirinevler recently returned from the brink of a major catastrophe fire, eyes turned into fire safety systems in public transport. Authorities of the companies producing the d Vehicle Fire Detection and Notification System iddia for public transport claimed that some vehicles produced and served before 2013 were at risk.
According to experts, there is a serious deficiency in the inspection and implementation of the İh Vehicle Fire Detection and Notification System denetim which is made legal requirement for public transportation vehicles.
Alpay Lök, Chairman of the Motor Vehicles Commission of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Istanbul Branch, expressed uncertainties about the auditing of the legislation that took effect last year.

Difficulty in supervision
Lök said, L There is no address to check whether the system that is being compulsory in public transport is working. To date, public buses and buses that provide intercity service 10 number of oil use due to fires occurred. As a result, there are problems in the control system. Sonuç
Turkey Association of Fire Protection and Education Foundation (TÜYAK) The Chairman Cemal Associates, Inc, in all commercial passenger-carrying vehicles, the engine compartment automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems said it should be made mandatory. Kozacı, "These systems, vehicles must be installed and guaranteed by the manufacturer," he said.
Ahmet Fırat, the officer of the fire alarm and alarm system company, stated the following in relation to the metrobus fire:
. He would have warned the driver if the system was working. The driver could even intervene with the fire tube, could have extinguished the fire without further growth.
The fire detection and warning system 130 detects the temperature, 10 is activated before the second warning. It seems that there was no system, or it did not work. These systems cost a bus 2 thousand pounds. If the extinguishing system is added, the cost goes to 5 thousand pounds. If the system worked, the 1.2 million pounds bus would not be lit. Ş

'IETT vehicles have no notification system'

Fırat, who emphasized that the law prepared for the Vehicle Fire Detection and Warning System entered into force at 1 January 2014, said: N This system must be used in public transportation vehicles which are behind the engine by law. Since the technical infrastructure of the relevant legislation could not be raised, the Ministry of Transport did not take the lack of fire alarm system as a serious flaw in the 2014 inspection defect table. The process of the fire detection notification tender opened by IETT continues. There are claims that there is no such system in public transportation vehicles produced before 2013. While the vehicles must have an 3 sensor in the motor section, we get information that the factories only put 1 pieces in the sensor. Almost all of the buses are like this. Otobüs
IETT officials, including the burning of the BRT vehicle, all of the public transport vehicles, "Vehicle Fire Detection and Warning System," he said.

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