Cotton Loaded Tug Overturned Motorway Cotton Bale Filled

Cotton Loaded Truck Overturned Highway Cotton Bale Filled: Aydın-İzmir Highway Muğla exit can not take the bend of cotton-loaded truck overturned.
At the Aydın-İzmir Highway Muğla exit, the cotton-laden truck was overturned. The cotton bales, each weighing an average of 250 Kg, were distributed from the trailer of the TIR to the highway and fields. The driver of the TIR survived the accident unscathed.
The accident occurred at the Aydın-İzmir Highway Muğla exit. The trailer of 42 YU 905 plate TIR used by Murat Akit, loaded with cotton loaded 42 YU 450 plate cotton bales, was overturned in the bend. Cotton bales loaded on the truck, which was dragged for meters, were hurled onto the highway and fields. The driver, who got out of the truck dragged on the highway with his own means, could not overcome the shock of the accident for a long time.
It was claimed that the driver who took the cotton bales he loaded from Söke to Niğde entered the bend fast and the truck was overturned as a result of the shifting of the load of the loaded vehicle. The only consolation was that there were no injuries in the accident, which caused material damage on the truck and its trailer and the cargo was damaged.
After the accident, the highway was closed to traffic for hours. After the collection of overturned trucks and cotton bales, the highway was reopened to traffic. An investigation into the accident was initiated.
About a year ago, a truck loaded with cotton was overturned in the same place, with cotton bales scattered across the road and fields.



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