Master Plan for Palandöken and Sarıkamış Winter Tourism Centers

Master Plan for Palandöken and Sarıkamış Winter Tourism Centers: The information and consultation meeting of Palandöken and Konaklı region of the amış Palandöken-Sarıkamış Tourism Development Project esi in 2015 was held in Erzurum.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the hotels operating in Palandöken Mountain, representatives of public institutions and organizations, and the congestion and solution stages of winter tourism.

At the meeting; Intercollegiate 2011 in 25. Erzurum, hosting the Winter Games, emphasized the need for the World and Olympic Games targets in the long term. In addition, implementation strategies and creating comprehensive master plan made by the Erzurum and Turkey Sarikamish that it is possible to make the winter sports center said. In the opinion that the contribution of the economy will be contributed to the regional economy, it was stated that the expected target could not be realized with a travel program consisting of Havalimanı Airport-Palandöken-Airport, route. In addition, it was pointed out the necessity to make adequate and qualified accommodation facilities suitable for the ski area capacity with the arrangements to be facilitated access to the facilities.

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection Control Department Head Durak Bulut, KUDAKA Promotion and Cooperation President Müzeyyen İnci, Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Hasan Mazlumoğlu, Representing the Investment Monitoring Coordination Unit Memduh Ceylan, representing the Governorship of Palandöken Süheyla Doğrudil, Deputy Mayor of Palandöken Zafer Bulent Engin Polat Renaissen of hotels from Erdal rain, Dedeman Hotel Manager Tahsin Kılınboz, Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate of representing Güngör Senses, Palandöken and Kandilli Ski Center Property Office Erdem Barber, Turkey Ski Federation representing the desired YURD I, Metropolitan Municipality Councilor Cem Freckles M.Akif Suluoğlu and engineers Sinan Kılıçtek and Ayhan Albut participated in the Economic Development, Industry and Services Coordinator of DAP.

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