Özhasekiden New formula for high-speed train line in Ankara-Kayseri

📩 03/12/2018 16:35

Özhasekiden Ankara-Kayseri high-speed train line for the new formula: Metropolitan Municipality, Erciyes, Rail System, Wonderland, Yamula Dam, Free Zone, Second University, Stat such as indirect or direct many giant projects by signing Kayseri to become a model city Mehmet Özhaseki is committed to continue the giant projects in Ankara.

Özhaseki, who announced the first of the projects to be followed in Ankara, gave information about a new formula for the implementation of Ankara-Kayseri high speed train line in a short time.

Former President of the Metropolitan Municipality and AK Party Deputy Candidate Mehmet Ozhaseki, a question on the question of the mayors were divided into two and some of the ants in the nature of the cicada, he said.

Özhaseki said: “Mayors split into two. A group works too, and because it works, neither the city leaves nor leaves the party. Some do not work and loaf. He travels like an August beetle. More jaws. When the election comes, he says, 'Let me tell you some, let me re-nominate.' Luckily, I've never been a whore. Ş

Mehmet Özhaseki also responded to some criticisms made during the election period in the program, said that the same issues were voiced during each election period and projects were not provided for the good of this city.

During the election period, Özhaseki said that the issues that the opposition would bring to the agenda were clear. Öz There are a few issues when the elections are approaching. I'il tell you what they're gonna scratch. One of these claims is that there is a peasant-city distinction. They will also say 'Files are coming'. In the two previous elections, you will see what the newspapers are told. These words are classic, routine and laughable claims. Bu

Some of the candidate candidates about him “Cases against the result. MPs are being called for immunity, ”Özhaseki said as he was asked about the words of those who made these statements. ? What are the cases against the lawsuits? I have no case of mine. 21 I'm not a single condemnation during my annual mayoral term. I don't have any cases in the criminal courts, the civil courts or the prosecution offices. I don't have any immunity, I'm a civilian. If you have a case, let me testify; but not. Those who say this. May Allah help the men of the curse. Their work is bad in this world, and in the other world. No one takes them seriously, nor does it replace them. Onları

Mehmet Özhaseki, who has carried out giant projects for Kayseri until today, will continue this feature in Ankara. Mehmet Özhaseki, who explained a new formula in the program so that the high speed train line can be done quickly, de The businessmen from Kayseri in Istanbul made a study. Ankara-Kırıkkale line is complete. In fact, the Kayseri line would be connected from Yozgat. However, Kırıkkale Kırşehir-Hacıbektaş-Cappadocia and from here to Kayseri is a line. If this line is auctioned with the build-operate, the private sector will make the line without receiving one. They made all kinds of preparations, including how many kilometers the line would be, how much money to make, and where to use the loan. This is a very important project and I will follow it. This line is of great importance for the Erciyes project and the trade of Kayseri. Bu

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