9 million-euro bend at the motorway booth

9 million euro profiteering at the highway toll: 15 gunmen who robbed on the highway in France stole 9 million euro jewelery.
There was a robbery in France that was just like Hollywood movies. Fifteen armed robbers who intercepted two vehicles on the highway went missing, taking jewels and gold worth 15 million euros.
The robbery took place on the "A6" highway between Paris, the capital of France, and the city of Lyon. At midnight, 15 armed robbers intercepting two high-security vehicles carrying jewelery and gold stole at least 9 million jewelery.
Robbers who cut the front of two vehicles loaded with jewels and gold at highway tolls robbed the vehicles after directing them to a deserted area.
The robbers, leaving the driver of two vehicles carrying jewelry and gold, burned the vehicles in a wooded area to avoid fingerprints.
Stating that no one was injured in the robbery incident, French police announced that the 15 armed robber was wanted everywhere.



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