Safkar Provides Service with IRIS Certificate


Foreseeing the development in rail systems years ago, Safkar has continued its work in this center, and IRIS (International Railway Industry Standards), which documents the competencies of companies producing rail systems, in order to be able to produce at very high standards due to their service life of at least 30 years. has the certificate. Being one of the first three companies to have this certificate in Turkey, Safkar is also the only company among air conditioner manufacturers.

Safkar is one of the few companies in the world in the field of mobile air conditioning with its wide range of products.

In 1988, Ege Soğutmacılık A.Ş. Safkar, which was founded in Izmir and produces air conditioning solutions for mobile vehicles and on-board equipment, has been operating for a quarter of a century and exporting to more than 30 countries. As a result of the new customers it gained and the developing business volume, Safkar, which enlarged its production center in Izmir 2011 times in 2,5, is signing huge projects with its new investments.

With its high standard products, Safkar has made great progress in becoming a co-product designer of large scale domestic and international producers. Regarding Turkey's most comprehensive testing laboratory hosting the SAFKAR, testing of the products produced in the climatic test cabinet is equipped to do this.

In the automotive sector, Safkar holds the majority of the market share and the refrigerated market share required by frigofric vehicles.

Development Indicator

One of the development indicators of a country is the size of its share in rail system transportation. Rail systems are economical, comfortable and environmentally friendly; oil-based, pollutant, low-cost high-cost transportation is the only alternative. There are rail systems in the focus of solution of public transportation problems of contemporary cities.

Turkey has seen in railways and rail systems can be developed as a state policy, increased infrastructure investments and promote laws. 2023 billion USD investment is planned for rail systems until 50. The target is to extend the urban rail and high-speed train lines by the year of 2023.

Safkar, which foresees the development of rail systems many years ago, has continued its activities in this center, and in order to produce in the quality of the rail system vehicles and components produced at a very high standard due to the minimum lifetime of 30, IRIS (International Railway Industry Standards) has been certified. This document is Safka, one of the top three companies in Turkey is the only company having also include air conditioning manufacturers.

Safkar, which has been producing TCDD passenger wagon and locomotive cabin air conditioners since 2000, has accelerated the design and production of tram and light rail / metro vehicle air conditioners with the introduction of rail systems in metropolitan cities in Turkey. It produced tram and subway air conditioners. In addition, it has proven itself in this field abroad with two very important projects in Malaysia and Egypt.

With Technology for Comfort

Today, Safkar has proven its place in the international arena with its technology and expert engineers to meet the comfort requirements of rapidly growing rail systems.

In addition to this, according to Turkey's first indigenous military standard MIL 810G air conditioning are also being produced by Safka, our country has proven itself in the international arena, all the air conditioning needs of firms engaged in military production meets our part.

Our most important company policy, R & D activities, 35'in engineer 60 team and continues to be meticulously.

Turkey every point in the country and the world's 20 200 exceeding the total after-sales service provided by the infrastructure of power Safka is continuing its growth strategy with new businesses are quickly answer all your questions by offering interactive services.

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