New traffic signs are coming

New traffic signs are coming: The General Directorate of Highways has decided to implement new traffic signs in line with the needs. Some signs will be updated.
The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications, General Directorate of Highways, has ended its efforts to update the Traffic Handbook that has been going on for some time. Born in everyday life need some new traffic signs on highways in Turkey, were included in the scope of the standard traffic sign. Within the scope of this study, it was also decided to update some signs. The number of traffic signs from 211 will increase to 243 with new signs.
From now on, the places where traffic will be congested will be marked with “Traffic Congestion” sign especially in big cities. Signs will be placed in places where military vehicles can come out. Signs under the name of "Pedestrian priority roads" will be placed for the roads where special traffic rules will be applied. On such roads, pedestrians will have the right to use the whole road. A game can be played on the road. The speed limit on these roads is limited to 20 km. In the metropolitan areas, new signs will be used to direct drivers to public transportation areas with parking lots.

Here are the new traffic signs and their meanings that we can see on highways in the coming period;
- TRAFFIC JAM; This sign will be used to indicate that there may be traffic jams ahead of the road and that drivers must be prepared to slow down or stop. The sign can also be used to assess drivers' use of alternative roads.
- JUNCTION WITH TRAMWAY LINE: This signpost can be used to indicate that the road intersects with a tram line, to slow down the speed of drivers and give way to the tram.
- PARK LOCATION (for those who will benefit from the subway); This sign can be used to indicate the allocated parking space for drivers who want to take the metro. For those who will benefit from the tram, it is indicated with the tram symbol underneath.
- HIGH VOLTAGE LINE; This panel sheet is used under the caution sign board. It is used to warn about the high voltage line in the event of a danger for vehicles passing under the tramline and power lines.
- NON-EXIT WAY; It can be used in intersection approaches in order to avoid jeopardizing traffic safety by turning on roads that have no exit when drivers approach intersections.
- RAMPED PEDESTRIAN; Indicates that there is a pedestrian overpass (without stairs) where it is located.
- PEDESTRIAN PATH WAY; It uses to indicate the entrance of pedestrian priority roads where special traffic rules apply.
1- The fact that pedestrians can easily use all parts of the road and are allowed to play on the road, 2-Drivers can not exceed the speed of 20 / km
3- The drivers will not put the pedestrians at risk and will not stop at any obstructive behavior;
4- Understand that the drivers who drive the pedestrian priority roads will lead to the drivers coming from other roads at the intersections formed by other roads with pedestrian priority roads.
- WOOD DISABLED; It is used in conjunction with the attention sign to indicate that large vehicles (trucks, buses, trucks, etc.) are likely to hit the branches of the tree that stretch and hang towards the road.
- MILITARY VEHICLE; Used with a caution sign, it indicates that it may be a slow-moving military vehicle on the road being driven and the speed should be reduced.
- ELECTRONIC INSPECTION; It states that speed control, speed corridor violation, traffic light violation, traffic prohibited area and lane violation, etc. are carried out on the road sections where they are located, and that criminal proceedings may be made due to violations.

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