Mahmudiye and Papatya Neighborhoods Want Residents Asphalt

Residents of Mahmudiye and Papatya Districts Want Asphalt: The road between the Mahmudiye and Papatya neighborhoods of Yenişihir district of Bursa should be asphalted.
Mahmudiye Mahallesi Muhtar Mustafa Özgüven pointed out that there are 2 chicken coops on the 4-kilometer road and said, “We are doing irrigated farming on 3 thousand decares of land. Since the road is soil in our region, which has peppers, beans, tomatoes, peas, sunflowers, wheat and fruit saplings, the crop is white in the summer months. We cannot harvest. We petitioned Yenişehir and Büyükşehir about this. we want this road to be asphalt. ”

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