Lütfi Elvan explained the details of the Grand Istanbul Tunnel Project

Lütfi Elvan
Lütfi Elvan

Lütfi Elvan explained the details of the Great Istanbul Tunnel Project: Lütfi Elvan explained the details of the Great Istanbul Tunnel. Minister Elvan said that they are following Istanbul closely and heralded that they will ease the traffic.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan said that the Istanbul Tunnel, whose traffic in Istanbul will be relieved, will not cost the public and will be built with a build-operate-transfer model. Elvan said that with the project to be completed in five years, 1.5 million passengers will be transported daily by METRO, and that vehicle traffic will be around 120 thousand per day.

Minister Lütfi Elvan was the guest of Abbas Güçlü on Kanal D. Answering the questions of the students and Abbas, Elvan explained the details of the Great Istanbul Tunnel, which was launched last week. Stating that they do not bring any burden to the public by doing projects of this size as a ministry with the build-operate-transfer model, Elvan announced that the Great Istanbul Tunnel will be built in the same model.


Elvan, who said that they follow Istanbul closely as in other provinces and that there is a big traffic problem in the city, drew attention to the fact that Istanbulites spend a lot of time in traffic. Elvan said that they want to move to a period when a regular planning is made in Istanbul, where time planning cannot be made;

“We concentrate on Istanbul, as in all provinces. Istanbulites have a traffic problem. They spend a lot of time moving from one point to another. Scheduling is very difficult. When we evaluate these problems as a whole, I am telling about the Great Istanbul Tunnel. Let's develop a project where people can plan time and go from one point to another comfortably and comfortably so that we want Istanbul residents to breathe and relax.


There are 9 different rail systems in Istanbul. The share of these transportation systems in transportation is 14 percent! When we look at road transportation, we see that it has a share of approximately 80 percent. A part of 5 percent belongs to sea transportation. However, when we look at the 2023 target, the share of rail systems should increase to 50 percent. Thus, a serious relief will be provided in Istanbul.


This project has a rail system and a highway section. The water will pass through the sea, under the 110 meter. The tunnel will be about 45 meters below the sea floor. There is a layer of sea water at 60 meters. 110 will go through the meter. Our metro system has a structure that cuts the 9 rail system I just mentioned. It will be the backbone.


Our metro system will exit Söğütlüçeşme and come to Küçüksu. METRO, which we consider for two-storey underground rubber wheeled vehicles, will come from Çamlık junction and reach Küçüksu. Here, both the Metro and our two-tier rubber wheel system will merge and become three-tier. Rail system will pass from the middle floor and cars will pass from the upper and lower floors. We have a three-story tunnel up to 6500 meters Gayrettepe. In Gayrettepe, it will again be divided into two. The two-storey highway will continue as Metro and go to Hasdal. So we will connect the TEM on the Asian side to the TEM in Europe. 120 thousand vehicles will pass from here. The metro line will come to Mecidiyeköy, where it will go down to Vatan Avenue, Topkapı, Zeytinburnu and İncirli. 1.5 million people will benefit from Metro every day. ”

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