Hasanbey was the Pilot of Logistics Centers Research

📩 03/12/2018 16:30

Logistics Centers of Research Pilot Had Hasanbey: by UTIKAD to be submitted to the Ministry of Transport Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, prepared in collaboration with research at the stage of completion for logistics centers in Turkey. The pilot group visited the ile Hasanbey Logistics Center Lojistik in cooperation with the Eskişehir Governorship.

International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association (UTIKAD), Beykoz Logistics Vocational School with the collaboration of Transportation, is conducting a research study related to logistics centers in Turkey to be submitted to the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications.

TCDD Hasanbey Logistics Center in Eskisehir selected as a pilot for this study and were visited by private sector firms that use this center, with information obtained from face-to-face interviews, TCDD Hasanbey will be analyzing the data transferred from the Logistics Center and Turkey's logistics center front for the structuring The report will be prepared soon.
Following these visits, the representatives of the relevant public institutions and organizations were also brought together in Eskişehir to evaluate the effects and contributions of Hasanbey Logistics Center to the region.

Eskişehir Deputy Governor Hamdi Bilge Aktaş, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Abdülkadir Adar, Eskişehir Customs Manager Sadık Toprak, TCDD Hasanbey Logistics Center Manager Mesut Uysal, UTİKAD Board Member Kayıhan Özdemir Turan, UTİKAD General Manager Cavit Uğur, Project Consultant Beykoz Lojistik Meslek Director of BLUARM Dr. Okan Tuna and representatives of related organizations attended.

In his opening speech, Deputy Governor of Eskişehir Hamdi Bilge Aktaş mentioned the importance of logistics for country and city economies and explained the work done in order to evaluate the potential of Eskişehir region in logistics area. Aktaş thanked everyone who contributed to the meeting and wished the words to be fruitful.

UTIKAD Board Member Kayıhan Özdemir Turan, in his speech, stating that logistics centers are one of the important elements of the development of the sector, from a logistical point of view, the research carried out for the Hasanbey Logistics Center is of great importance. Turan thanked the Governorship of Eskişehir for their contribution to the meeting.
Then, with a presentation by General Manager Cavit Uğur UTIKAD do, by giving examples from logistics centers in Europe, with regard to public logistics centers in Turkey and transfer various information on the work done by the private sector.

Speaking at the meeting, TCDD Hasanbey Logistics Center Manager Mesut Uysal gave a presentation about the advantages of the logistics center and the activities carried out by the center.

After the speeches, Project Consultant Beykoz Logistics Vocational School BLUARM Director Prof. Dr. Okan Tuna, moderated by the logistics center, macro-environment variables, transport and logistics infrastructure variables and the benefits of the logistics center in the region were discussed various benefits.

Participants stated that they did not come together as the stakeholders of Hasanbey Logistics Center and they were very pleased that they had the opportunity to exchange views on the logistics center for the first time thanks to such a meeting and they expressed their gratitude to UTIKAD for being the pioneer of such an organization. Representatives of the institutions and companies attending the meeting wished to come together in order to exchange views in the future and to work together to improve the region's logistics.

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