Last snow falling out skiing season

The last snow has extended the ski season: The ski season was extended by approximately one month thanks to the snowfall which was effective at intervals in Palandöken and Konaklı, which are among the most important ski resorts in the world.

The skiing season was extended by approximately one month due to the snowfall which was effective at intervals in Palandöken and Konaklı, which are among the most important ski centers in the world.

Turkey, which opens the 1 December ski season Palandöken and Konakli ski resorts, especially in America, Germany, Russia, Poland, Iran, Azerbaijan, foreigners from many countries, including Belarus and welcomes locals and tourists from some provinces.

Tourism business owners, who are preparing to close the season, extended the season for another month thanks to heavy snowfall in the region.

All the lifts, runways and gondolas are open in the ski center, snow thicknesses in Konaklı Ski Center 106, Palandöken Ski Center 105 centimeters were measured.

Ahmet Baykal, a front office manager of a hotel operating in Palandoken, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, 20 in previous years ended the season in March, but this year, they encounter the surprise of the snow, he said.

Baykal said, X Despite the end of March, there are 1,5 meters of snow on our tracks. This inevitably enables the hotels in Palandöken to extend the season. If snowfall continues, it will increase the occupancy rates of our hotels as well as the satisfaction of our guests until the end of April. This will make Palandoken the center of attraction. Bu

Earlier years 15 said that there was no snow from March. In order to make artificial snowfalls, the air temperature should be less than zero 5 degrees, snowfall thanks to the preparation of the runways, he said.

- İran 200 bin Iranian citizen entered from Gürbulak -

Baykal said, amış We have the best occupancy. Due to the long holiday in Iran, the feast of Nowruz 200 thousand Iranian citizens from Gürbulak Border Gate debuted in Turkey. Both occupancy and accommodation as they prefer Erzurum for the occupancy rates of 30 affected the percentages, konaklama he said.

Ömer Akca, the director of administrative affairs of another hotel, also emphasized that they received high demand for the weekend. It snowed perfectly. Our local and foreign guests preferred us. Every year, tourists come from different countries. The last season of snowfall has extended at least 20 days, Son he said.

Eren Ayhan, who came for skiing from Ankara, stated that it was enjoyable to do skiing at the end of March and said kayak It is very good for the winter season to continue in other cities during summer season. You can have a really fun, enjoyable time. We are skiing for the first time in March Mart.

Bahar Yaşar from Rize said, ar I learned skiing here for the first time. Sometimes we're sliding under the snow, it's a beautiful setting. Bazen

Esra Ciftci stated that they came from Iğdır for skiing and that they were skiing before the season was closed.


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