Gulf railway may not catch up to 2018

The Gulf railway may not catch up to the 2018: It is reported that the rail network that will link the Gulf Cooperation Council consisting of six member countries may not be completed by 2018.

According to regional media reports, an official who spoke about the railway project announced to be completed at 2018 said that "the boundaries of six countries will be linked to 2018 but the national rail network of each country will be delayed a little more". Authorities did not provide detailed information about which countries and how much delay they will experience.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Minister of Public Affairs Abdullah Bil Hayf El Nuaymi, who spoke at a railway conference held in Dubai in recent weeks, said the Gulf railway network could not be completed by 2020.
In addition to this, despite the delays in other countries, the project of linking the seven emirates in the UAE with each other is continuing. 70 is owned by the capital, Abu Dhabi, 30 and 200. The project will cost 11 billion dollars.

According to the authorities, the first phase of the project is completed and the sulfur is transported on the cargo line. In the second phase, the capital Abu Dhabi and the commercial center will be connected by Dubai railway. Both cargo and passenger service will be offered on the line.

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