The other catwalk will be lowered on the Bay Bridge

The other catwalk will also be lowered on the Bay Bridge: The other temporary road will also be lowered on the Bay Bridge, many metal materials will be made abroad, so the opening of the bridge will be delayed for a while.
On Saturday at the IZMIT Bay Crossing Bridge, it was understood that Japanese engineer Kishi Ryoichi, who committed suicide by blaming himself for the rupture of one of the "catwalk-catwalk" ropes, which was temporarily assembled, had seen the crack in the junction a few days earlier and killed his life because he could not intervene.
The photos of the cat before the connection to the disconnection of the experts, the last evaluation of the experts after the other line to be created in a controlled manner due to the danger, including the broken down parts to be made to manufacture many metal parts abroad.
The most important crossing point of the 3.5-kilometer highway project, which was stated to reduce the Istanbul-Izmir highway journey to 377 hours when it was completed, was started in February, after the guide cables were pulled between the two sides of the Izmit Bay Bridge, and the installation of the temporary walking path called the 'catwalk' was started. Preparations were being made to cross the bridge on foot next June.
Last Saturday, the catwalk, connecting the two sides of the bridge and consisting of 8 cables each weighing 14 tons, on the east side where the engineers and workers were temporarily assembled, broke off from the upper connection point of the pillar on the Yalova Hersek Cape.
occurred on Saturday kazanAfterwards, the body of Japanese engineer Kishi Ryoichi, who was responsible for this phase of the project, was found at the cemetery entrance of Altınova District on Monday. It has not been learned yet whether Japanese engineer Kishi Ryoichi saw the crack at the junction of Herzegovina Point, where the eastern line, whose weight increased even more due to the catway installation, had been seen a few days ago, but whether Kishi Ryoichi reported this crack to the relevant units. It was also revealed that Japanese Engineer Kishi Ryoichi, after seeing the crack, gave all employees a day off on Saturday, on the grounds that the weather would be stormy, in order not to risk the lives of 150 to 30 personnel at a height of about 50 meters.
In the meantime, while the investigations continued after this rupture that occurred in the Bay Bridge, it was learned that many metal parts here would be canceled and new ones would be made due to the fact that the broken line exerted pressure on the other line and also the material at the broken joint was manufactured in the same place.
First of all, the western line on the bridge, where the warships under the Navy Command, as well as tankers and dry cargo ships bringing petroleum LPG and chemicals to the oil processing and storage facilities, especially Tüpraş, pass under the bridge, will be lowered in a controlled manner in the coming days. This date will be announced in advance and the ship entry and exit to Izmit Bay will be temporarily suspended during the works. Although it is currently at risk of breaking, the Bridge is allowed to pass back under its feet over a submerged catwalk and a line that cannot be damaged by cables. The lowering of the line that creates danger will be done after the preparations are completed and the measures are taken.
It was learned that this incident, which led to the death of the Japanese engineer, caused tens of millions of dollars of damage, and many of the materials here, especially the metal parts in the broken joint, will be dismantled and new ones will be made and brought abroad. However, this engineering work, in order to be brought from manufacturing and Turkey will take a long time, the Bay bridge can not be opened before the end of this year planned. It will probably be in mid-2016 with a few months delay.

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