Gulf crossing bridge will not delay

The Gulf Transit Bridge will not be delayed: The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications stated that after the accident on the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, the claims that the construction process will be delayed by the 5-6 month, the bridge is not projected a change in the targeted construction period.
Written statement from the ministry, Izmit Bay Transition Bridge on the rupture of the rope continued technical review was recorded. The statement underlined that any comments before the end of this review would be wrong, included the following statements:
Ün The claim that the construction process of the bridge after the accident is delayed for 5-6 months does not reflect the truth. The damaged parts will be provided as soon as possible and the missing part of the cat path will be completed. No changes are foreseen in the targeted construction period of the bridge.
Again, in another article, the photos given before and after the accident are purely intended to mislead the public. All photos were taken after the accident. The necessary explanations will be made when the technical examination of the cause of the accident has ended. Kazan
The construction of the Izmit Gulf Crossing Bridge, the Japanese IHI company, some newspapers and media organs today, the bridge project occurred in the rope breaking news and evaluations about the unspecified said.
The boiler, 21 March 2015 on Saturday, continued to be used as a working platform for bridge cable installation works and the temporary structure of the temporary building system called taraf cat path üzere was separated from the temporary tower at the top of the tower. , saved:
Üzere Daily morning and afternoon regular 5 daily weather forecasts are taken. In this context, the 20 March 2015 reported on Friday that there is no improvement in the predicted bad weather forecast for 21 March 2015 Saturday; 30 March 1 on Friday was decided on the postponement of the work of cat path assembly work from 21 March 2015 Saturday to 22 March 2015 Sunday only because of adverse weather conditions. On the day of the incident, no injuries or death had taken place, since the cat path assembly had been deferred to the next day due to bad weather. Olay
Accident report is being prepared
The accident report related to the incident was prepared and will be shared with the relevant authorities when the statement is completed, the following statements were included:
Ir One of our concerns is the scenarios of temporary structural elements in the presence of cracks before the accident. All of the cracks in the news were caused by accident. The claim that any of our company or any of its members has not been identified and intervened is unreal. The temporary equipment which is damaged after the accident will be provided as soon as possible and the remaining part of the cat path will be completed. Therefore, all efforts will be made to compensate for the loss of time in the following sections of the work program. For this reason, we do not respect the unrealistic news and allegations with respect to public opinion.

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