Kırşehir VILLAGE-DES Program Announced

Kırşehir KÖY-DES program was announced: The Governor of Kırşehir Necati Şentürk said that 2015 million 3 thousand 495 TL subsidies were allocated with 542 Year Village Infrastructure Support Project (KÖY-DES).

Stating that the KÖY-DES project, which is one of the biggest investment plans for the villages, has been carried out successfully in Kırşehir, Governor Necati Şentürk said that the government and the government have been converted into service by using the allocated funds efficiently.

Stating that in 2014, within the scope of the KÖY-DES project, 3 million 295 thousand 743 TL was allocated to Kırşehir, Governor Şentürk said, “With this allowance allocated to our city, 107 kilometers of second floor asphalt for our villages, 4 kilometers of asphalt road maintenance, 15 kilometers of stabilized roads and 7 thousand 450 square meters of locked parquet is made. In addition, drinking water work has been programmed in 24 settlements and all of them have been completed. ” said.

Providing information regarding the works to be done, Şentürk said, kilometre With this allowance allocated in 2015, it is planned to make 8.4 kilometers first floor, 131 km second floor asphalt and 4 thousand 700 square locked parquet. In drinking water, 26 work is scheduled and will be completed within 2015. The needs of the districts were taken into consideration while determining the works done. Yap



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