Pedestrian hit by tram in Kayseri died

Pedestrian hit by a tram in Kayseri: 82-year-old İsmail Koçyiğit, who was hit by a tram in Kayseri, lost his life.

İsmail Koçyiğit, who wanted to cross the road when the green light came on at the pedestrian crossing at Yıldızevler street in Sivas Street in Uğurevler Mahallesi in Kocasinan district, came to the divided road reserved for the tram. Wanting to cross from here, Koçyiğit was hit by the tram numbered 3815-A, which made the İldem-Organize Sanayi expedition. İsmail Koçyiğit died at the scene.

The body of Koçyiğit, who was determined to be registered in the population of the Boğazlıyan district of Yozgat, was taken to the Forensic Medicine morgue for autopsy. The tram services, which were delayed due to the accident and provided from one direction, returned to normal after the body was taken away.

Accident while watching the accident

Meanwhile, trying to follow the accident of the tram Halis I., under the direction of the 38 EN 032 plate car, 38 TT 276 plate car in front of the car hit the rear XNUMX. While not injured in the accident, property damage occurred in cars. Resul Kara, his mother Fahriye Kara's back pain, and therefore to the control of Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine had an accident while taking control, he said.


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