Kartalkayada ski season ended

Kartalkaya ski season ended: in Kartalkaya ski season the most important winter tourism centers of Turkey ended.

Kartalkaya, which has a total length of 45 with its runways, visited 15 at the end of the season last year in 300. 2 6 hotel with 3,5 bin bed capacity in the ski resort, 70 80-100 week on weekdays, XNUMX occupancy at the weekend served.

Dorukkaya Hotel General Director Yusuf Avcı, AA correspondent, holidaymakers are very pleased with their interest in the ski resort, he said.

Olmadı We had a very good season, “said Avcı, Avcı During the season, we did not have any snow problems. 3,5 visited the ski center about 300 thousand people a month. This number was the record of many years. Some hotels in Kartalkaya have already closed the season. We're closing the season. The season at the ski resort is closed. I thank everyone who prefers Kartalkaya ese.


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