Kartal Municipality Road Maintenance and Repair Works in Progress

Kartal Municipality Road Maintenance and Repair Works Continues: Kartal Municipality continues its asphalt and patch repair, storm, grill, maintenance, repair and cleaning works in different neighborhoods of Kartal.
Kartal Municipality Road Construction Supervisor teams continue to work in a feverish manner within the determined program, and perform asphalt - patch, repair and repair of damaged grids, and cleaning of blocked logs after heavy winter conditions on streets and streets.
Kartal Municipality Directorate of Science Works Road Construction teams, Uğur Mumcu, Cumhuriyet, Hürriyet, Soğanlık Yeni, Gümüşpınar, has also intensified its activities in Çarşı Districts. Ugrur Mumcu Mahallesi at Sheikh Shamil Street during the cleaning of the grill made by teams 1 truck rubble was removed. Due to adverse weather conditions, the necessary works have been done against asphalt degradation around the grid.
Kartal Municipality Directorate of Construction Works, Road Construction Supervision teams Akşemseddin, Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Yunus Emre Caddeleri'nda grill maintenance and maintenance will continue asphalt. Besides, applications from citizens throughout Kartal will continue maintenance and repair works on streets and streets.



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