Highways Contractor Workers: either State Lies or Company

Highways Contractor Workers: either State Lies or Company: Highway 5. Employees working as subcontracting workers on highways for many years, under the supervision of the Department of Garden Maintenance.
Workers working as a subcontractor on the Highways for 5 years in the Garden Maintenance Operation Supervision of the Highway 1, made an action to leave work for 2 hour. The workers, who stated that they could not get their salaries for 1 months, started to work 35 hour late to make their voices heard. Representative Kerim Öz claimed that salaries were disrupted due to lack of allowance. Öz said that 2 workers, including himself, could not receive their salaries. Workers, on the other hand, stated that the state said that salaries would be paid to the workers' account, but salaries had not been paid for XNUMX months, “Either the state is lying or the company.” said.
Highways contract workers, the Court of Cassation's 3 years ago gave the staff the right, the government claimed to ignore. The contractor stated that they were taken as cleaning workers, patches on the roads, signage and all the other work themselves said that they do. Subcontractor Musa Akgün, 11 for years, has worked, so far suffered, said the promises were not fulfilled, the Supreme Court's decision on the subcontractor workers wanted to be applied as soon as possible. Akgun, the state, said the salary of the worker's account, but the 2 month is not paid salaries, he said.

Stating that he was a liar against the grocery store because he could not get his salaries regularly, Davut Tekerek stated that the company officials could not pay the salaries because they did not receive money, and the government said that they did not know who was lying correctly. Expressing that they are not terrorists and provocateurs, Tekerek said: “We want the right that the Supreme Court gave us three years ago. But the government does not. There is no other state other than our country that does not implement the decision of the Supreme Court anywhere in the world. The Supreme Court was independent. If he is independent, his decision is not implemented. Who will we trust if the authorities, the head of state, do not follow the Supreme Court's decision? So let me go and kill a man. After all, laws are not enforced. ” used expressions.

Other subcontractor Halil İbrahim Bozdağ stated that his superiors Kerim Öz received the information that salaries did not lie because there was no money in the region, and that the government talked about the solution process on television channels every day, but he forgot the workers. Bozdağ said, “If there is any, the solution process. Thank you solution process, what about us? Who are we going to talk about? The government says no unemployment, no poverty. Who says no poverty. Okay, we work but no money. Here I take my pockets out, look, I don't even have 25 cents. There is work, but there is hunger. Because we don't have money, we can't buy 1 bread. What do you need after getting money? ” expressed his reaction.

Stating that he started his job as a subcontractor 9 years ago on the highways, Ümit Baz said that he did not sweep any places, did not get a check, but they did all the work on the roads on the roads, and they also looked at the sign business. Ümit Baz, who had trouble getting a regular salary since the day he started to work, said that they have not been able to receive salaries for about 2 months, but there is no one to explain their problems. Baz said, “If we are a nation that is unable to pay the salaries of agency workers by addressing the deputies, it should not be such a nation at all. Maybe we can get out of the door tomorrow because we are looking for this right. It is a crime to tell our troubles, we do not know who to trust. Prime Minister Davutoğlu is going to his friend's funeral. Channels are making news. We have been dying for 9 years, nobody comes to our funeral. ” she reacted.

Stating that the highways were selected as representatives by the subcontractor's company, Kerim Öz said he received the information that salaries would be paid before April 1. Representing that he could not meet with the subcontractor company accountant, the representative Kerim Öz claimed that the salaries were disrupted due to lack of funds. Öz said that 35 workers, including himself, could not receive their salaries.


Highway 5. The subcontracted workers of the Garden Maintenance Operation Chief of the region stated that the name of the company they work in has changed every year. The workers claimed that the company was the same as the owner of the company, but the company names changed every year in order not to pay the right to compensation. Contractor workers, each of the promises given before the election, stating that they do not want to be deceived in this election, he said.

The workers demanded that the Court of Cassation's decision be exercised to make them permanent.

Representative Kerim Öz stated that the agency workers, whose salaries are in a state of disruption, have no information about the claim that the company names have changed every year. The contractor stated that the company names changed every year and claimed that the company owner was the same person. Workers have been informed that they have been working under the name of Yıldız, HEM, LGP, Ferma, Yeşeren Group, Evmen and now Emkar Cleaning Companies. Subcontractor workers, claiming that they can not get the right to compensation for constantly changing company names, the authorities invited the decision of the Supreme Court to apply.

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