Ispartakulenin subway came to Our Houses

Ispartakule's metro came to Bizim Evler: Ispartakule, which stands out among the fastest developing regions of Istanbul, is even more valuable with its Metro line. kazanhe's eating.

The most demanding housing project of the region, which will be adjacent to our homes 6, has already affected housing prices in Ispartakule.

Ispartakule, the most planned and controlled satellite city of the city, has become the center of attention of the participants and investors with the Metro line that started its work.

Bizim Evler, which was built by İhlas Yapı in Ispartakule, is located in the south of the 6 project, and the ongoing metro drilling activities in front of the shops have stimulated real estate prices in the region.

Ispartakule Metro Stop, which is ahead of Bizim Evler 6, has already doubled the investors' demand for the project. Kabataş, Beşiktaş, Gaziosmanpasa, Mahmutbey - HalkalıIspartakule, Bahçeşehir subway line Ispartakule station next to the project is next to Bizimevler 6.


In the project where the rough construction is completed, the apartments start to buy from 366.000 TL at the advantageous prices.

Delivery will start at 2016 6'da Our Houses XNUMX, continues to work with the Metro line will increase rapidly in the apartment prices.

Bizim Evler 6, which raises the bar for quality in branded housing, creates a different atmosphere for the whole environment with its rainbow colored blocks. kazanyelling.

In our Houses 6, where sales of apartments and shops continue, alternative payment plans are offered.

Spacious and spacious areas of use Our Houses 6'da apartments 116 square meters with 302 square meters. 2, 1, 3, 1, 4, 1, 5 + 1 and terraced apartment types, the project, 1.661 housing and 160 street store consists of.


Having delivered 3.500 apartments in Ispartakule, İhlas Yapı continues to be the primary choice of investors with its new project Bizim Evler 6 in the region. While İhlas Yapı is the most preferred project of the region with its Bizim Evler branded projects, it adds great value to Ispartakule with its new projects developed to meet the demand. kazannagged.
Ispartakule, which is planned as a qualified residential area, is increasing in value day by day. kazanhe's eating. Continuing construction; Being located at the intersection of projects such as the North Marmara Highway, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge Access roads, new metro and suburban train lines, the 3rd Airport, the largest health campus in Europe and the Middle East, Ispartakule, which has been touted as the "New City", is a center of attraction. makes it.

The fact that the probable route of Kanal Istanbul, which is currently undergoing project works, is adjacent to Ispartakule increases the importance of the region even more.

Our Houses 6, 120 offers a wider landscape, social life and sports areas to the residents of the site with acres of land area.

Ihlas Yapi, Bizim Evler 6 brings the total number of homes in Ipartakule to 5 per thousand. The exterior facade with rainbow colors, terraced apartments and architecture attracts the attention of the region.


Within the scope of the project, the residents of the site, the neighborhoods that will strengthen the rich social facilities and happy and peaceful living spaces are offered. İhlas Yapı, Bizim Evler 6 has three indoor swimming pools, fitness halls, sauna, Turkish bath, steam rooms, jogging and cycling trails, outdoor cinema, basketball, football and volleyball courts, ponds, waterfalls, water terraces, main terraces. With its schools and kindergartens, the family is crowning the concept of priority life.


Located in the center of all developments in Ispartakule, Bizim Evler 6 is located right at the exit of Mecidiyeköy - Bahçeşehir Metro line. 160 will be the center of the region with its 6 street shop and metro stop. Our Houses XNUMX attracts the demand of investors.

In the region, which is the favorite of the investors, İhlas Yapı continues the concept of shopping street stores in our Houses 6 project. The project, which is planned to meet the needs of the people of the region, is located right next to the 160 street shopIspartakule Metro stop. The stores with sizes ranging from 45 square meters to 1.000 square meters will meet the commercial space needs of the region and will constitute the new center of Ispartakule. Our Houses 6's street stores find buyers with prices starting from 500 thousand TL.

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