Ispartaya Monorail Coming

Isparta Monorail is Coming: Isparta Municipality is starting to work to implement the monorail system, which is one of the types of urban rail transportation. If the project is implemented, the transportation between Kaymakkapı Square and the SDU will be provided by a mini-train traveling by air.

Yusuf Ziya Günaydın, Mayor of Isparta, will give information about the progress made and the progress made by the monorail system between SDU and Kaymakkapı Square.


The monorail is one of the types of city rail transportation. As the name implies, the wagons move in the direction of departure or arrival, ie, hanging on or under a single track. The rail system used in public transportation consists of two beams on a column and the rails on these two beams. Due to the low cost of the monorail and the short duration of the construction phase, it makes itself more advantageous than other transportation systems, especially the Metro and Tram lines used in urban passenger transportation, which are double rail systems.


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