Measure against landslide in Inebolu

Measures will be taken against landslide in Inebolu: Highways 15. Regional Directorate, İnebolu in the village of Manarpa began to take measures against the landslide occurred in the village.
Contractor firm Uğur Özcan, AA correspondent, said the village of İnebolu-Doğanyurt highway in the region of the village of Kizarpa thousand 400 meters along the road examined the structure of the land, he said.
Explaining that they will work in the field with a team of 1 people for about 9 month, Özcan said, “We are extracting the existing land. What kind of land does it have, where is rocky, where is it suitable for landslides. We determine them and study them. A project will be prepared at the end of this work. Fortification work or, where necessary, the route can be changed. "Our Highways Regional Directorate will make the decision for this," he said.
In the area where the work was carried out, the transportation of a single lane has been provided for a while due to the landslide that occurred in December.



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