Exporters and carriers in April panic

Exporters and shippers in April panic to Egypt, Port Said agreement will expire in April for the use of the harbor was canceled on the deterioration of relations with Turkey. Announcing that a new agreement would not be made, panicked exporters and transporters selling vegetables, fruit and meat products to the Gulf and African markets. There are alternative ways to reach the Gulf and North Africa.
Turkey made Egypt's Port Said Port Ro-Ro from the highway to be canceled unilaterally by Egypt and the transit transport agreements that the company exported to North Africa and the Gulf countries and transporters were shipped to panic. There are alternative ways to reach the Gulf and North Africa. Two of the most prominent alternative routes are the Suez Canal, Iran and the Caspian Sea via the Caspian. However, alternative ways focus on increasing costs. Exporters selling vegetables, fruits, poultry products to the Gulf and African market are also worried about the costs that will increase. Şerafettin Aşut, President of Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who conveyed the reaction of the business world, pointed out that both the exporters and the logistics sector will face difficulties with the cancellation of the agreement, adding that the addition of new costs to the carrier and the exporter, who have suffered in terms of cost and time, will destroy the competitiveness in the region. Explaining that the Ministry of Economy's 'Transportation from Suez' proposal will increase the transportation costs of the region, Asut stated that prolongation of shipping time will harm the fresh vegetables and fruit products. The prolongation of Ro-Ro flights will also affect the export of poultry to the African market. Turkey Poultry Products Promotion Group Board Member Yuksel small, this situation will lead to the location will not compete in the region's poultry industry, he said. Expressing that they are making the costs difficult at the moment, Yüksel said, “The extra cost in transportation makes us unable to export. There are serious problems in the sector. Sektör
Egypt's Port Said Port for the use of 3 years ago, the agreement signed between Turkey and Egypt will end in April. President Mohammed Mursi coup with management to remove General Sisi, because of deteriorating relations with Turkey, 29 October xnumx't to, 'and Ro-Ro Road Transit Transport Area in the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation was canceled unilaterally. Following the conclusion of the current agreement in 2014 April 24, it was announced that a new agreement would not be signed. In contrast, the response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "Ro-Ro and road transit transport arrangements while keeping a modest place in Turkey's trade with the region was making a significant contribution to the Egyptian economy. With this saving, Egypt will add a new one to the harm of the people's interests and well-being. Men
Inability to use the route to Egypt, Turkey is closely interested exporters and transporters in African and Gulf countries. Ibrahim Guler, Chairman of the Board of Hatay Ro-Ro AS, called for a solution to be solved as soon as possible. Exporters, tourism, tradesmen and even ordinary citizens will experience many problems with the renewal of the agreement Güler pointed out that production stopped in the region as no exports were made. Güler said that many firms that had trouble in the region started to cut down production and started to produce workers. Çetin Nuhoğlu, the President of the International Transporters Association, representing the logistics sector, said that they faced difficulties in finding an alternative route to Egypt. Nuhoglu, the passage of each passage of the Suez Canal 3 thousand dollars would bring additional load, he said.

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