Hotels in Uludag closed the season

Hotels in Uludag closed the season: Uludag, despite the snow thickness of the 1,60 meter in the end of the season decreased customer demand for all hotels near the end of an early season - a hotel and some cafes with mechanical facilities for those who want to ski in the region continues to serve - GÜMTOB Chairman of the Board Beceren: da Season it was better than last year, but when the weather warmed up, the hotel customer had decreased, although the quality of the abdomen was extremely good. Now there are more holidayers Şimdi

Despite the snow thickness of 1,60 meters in Uludağ, one of the most important centers of skiing and winter tourism, the demand for the hotels was closed early in the year when customer demand decreased.

For those who want to ski in the region, a hotel and some cafes with mechanical facilities continue to serve.

South Marmara Touristic Hoteliers Association (GÜMTOB) Chairman Haluk Beceren, AA correspondent, said last season because of the lack of profits due to the cancellation of the reservation in the last season, in the last winter season, experiencing a very fertile hoteliers said that the season.

Beceren, from time to time 3 meters approaching the snow thickness of Uludag, domestic and foreign tourists throughout the season, recalling that thousands of tourists, especially during the New Year's and semester holidays said that full occupancy rates.

- acak Mechanical installations will be open until the end of the month -

At the end of March, although the iyi hotels region alar still stands for 1,60 meter profit, Beceren said, en The season was better than last year, but the quality of the snow was very good when the weather was warm but the hotel customer decreased. Now there are more day-men. That is why hotels closed early in the season. Mechanical facilities will be open until the end of the month for those who want to come and go skiing. Also a hotel and some cafes continue to serve Ayrıca.

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Nearly all of the accommodation facilities in Uludag closed the season, but in the summer period, a few hotels can be re-serving according to demand, indicating that Beceren, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, such as the Arab countries from the Gulf countries in the summer can be accommodated in the summer, he said.

Haluk Beceren, this year in the winter season, the number of Arab tourists who prefer Uludag, even behind the Russian tourists, stating that the Arabs in the summer heat to continue their interest in the Uludag added that they expect.