Horozköy Train Station was Rented by TCDD to Yunusemre Municipality

Horozköy Train Station was rented by TCDD to Yunusemre Municipality: Deputy Mayor of Yunusemre Kılıç Kaya made a statement about the renting of Horozköy Station building and its surroundings to Yunusemre Municipality by the General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD). 2014 Kaya stated that the necessary applications were made by Yunusemre Municipality in June and said: ay When there were people serving for the social and cultural purposes of this historical place, those who did not serve or could not do so also appeared. Yunusemre knows this job. Yun

Yunusemre Deputy Mayor Kılıç Kaya, redil Horozköy District of Yunusemre Horozköy railway station in the state of being idle for many years as a result of news in a local newspaper in Manisa, the governor's office will be transferred to the municipality was transferred to the municipality of Yunusemre was shared with the public. Before the meeting on the agenda of the meeting in the Council of Yunusemre in this area was offered to serve the people sitting in the area was offered the application given by the municipal authorities said that the application was made about him and the application was welcomed on the agenda of the parliament. It was understood that a local newspaper brought this event to a close, when the Municipality of Yunusemre carried out the institutionalization efforts and on the other hand, prepared the infrastructure preparations for the future works. Yunusemre Municipality silent Horozköy Train Station to open the application for citizens to apply 9 2014 383 3 with the number 3. The Regional Directorate of Izmir 3 for this purpose many times made. He has been in dialogue with Regional Directorate and General Directorate in Ankara. TCDD 3. Yunusemre Municipality hosted the experts from the region, followed by a trip to the excursion. TCDD 3. Since the writings were taken from the region, the necessary permissions were obtained from this committee as they were on the protection board and then they were sent to the General Directorate of State Railways. As the Mayor and Vice President, we have visited and visited Ankara many times to follow the issue. As the Prime Ministry is subject to the permission of the Prime Ministry, the letter has been assigned by the Prime Ministry Economic and Social Affairs Department and TCDD XNUMX. It was delivered to the Regional Directorate as soon as possible. Horozköy Train Station, which is a historical building used for different purposes, was taken to the municipality of Yunusemre until it was rented, or until the time it was allocated, and it has been cleaned many times, the broken windows have been renewed, renovations and repairs have been made and the works have been started to be offered to the local people very soon. ." said.

Yunusemre Municipality Horozköy Train Station is recovering from the dormant attention to the Rock, said:
Tır Yunusemre Municipality, as a result of its vision, perseverance, foresight and determination to work, has saved the Horozköy Railway Station of State Railways from the idle state as a result of its work for months. It was appreciated that the location of this place was brought into service for social cultural services for the local people, and the recovery of the historical value of Horozköy Train Station was appreciated. However, it has been a matter of concern for local administrators who have been working in this province for many years to remain indifferent to this situation, to keep this place idle, to be used out of the purpose of the historical artifact, to be destroyed, to not lose their eyes to the service of the local people and to not to have historical works. Ne

Vice President Rock, "I understand that: 'When you want to look, when the intent and follow-up, I congratulate the Municipality of Yunusemre and those who can not do these services or those who do not want to invite a sample of the Municipality of Yunusemre," he thanked those who contributed.

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