Bridge Discussion in Hasankeyf

Bridge Discussion in Hasankeyf: The restoration works of the Ministry of Culture and Highways in the yearly Artuklu Bridge, which will be flooded by the dam in Hasankeyf, caused controversy.
The Governor Temel Ayca said that the bridge will be added to the underwater tourism and environmentalists said: “The work is contrary to the spirit of the work and spoils its naturalness. The cost is hidden from the public ”.
The Ministry of Culture and Highways are planning to complete the restoration of the 1300 annual Artuklu bridge in Hasankeyf by the end of the year. Authorities, Ilısu Dam, which will be submerged in the historic bridge, the goal of the bridge is to strengthen the feet of the bridge and make it water-resistant, he says.
After the strengthening, landscaping including lighting and afforestation will be made around the bridge and the historical bridge will be opened to tourism. Hasankeyf District Governor Temel Ayca said that the restoration of the bridge continues and said: “His feet will be under water. When the dam ends, the historical bridge will be visually beautiful. People will flock here. After Hasankeyf has been submerged in the dam, these protected artifacts will be gained to underwater tourism. ”
However, the restoration brought many objections. Hasankeyf Mayor Abdulvahap Kusen, restoration work caused the image pollution, said: “Just as a person is buried in the grave, the historic bridge is the same today. The restoration of the bridge will not contribute to tourism ”.
Recep Kavuş, President of Batman Environmental Volunteers Association, emphasized that the study is not restoration but strengthening. “This is a work that is contrary to the spirit of the work and disrupts the naturalness of the work. The aim is to legitimize the Ilisu Dam. The cost of the restaurant is also hidden from the public and not transparent. There is not even an introductory sign in the bridge restaurant. We are against this work as environmentalists ”.


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