Habib-i Neccar Mountain-İplik Market Ropeway Project

Habib-i Neccar Mountain-Spinning Market Teleferic Project: Mayor of Antakya Ismail Kimyeci, Mayor of the Municipality of Antioch of Habib-i Neccar Mountain and Iplik Pazari Region. He gave enlightening information about the transfer.

President Kimyeci said:. For the construction of the Teleferik Project carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality, we approved the transfer of the parcels belonging to the Antakya Municipality to the Metropolitan Municipality in the area where the Teleferik Sub-Station and the Central Station will be constructed. As a matter of fact, upon our positive approach in this regard, the Presidency of the Hatay Governorship, Transfer, Clearing and Sharing Commission decided on the transfer of the parcels belonging to our municipality to the Metropolitan Municipality in the sub-station and middle station area of ​​the Teleferic Project. Thus, there is no obstacle for the Metropolitan Municipality to implement the Ropeway Project and to offer it to the service of the citizen. We are in every service that is in favor of our citizens. As Antakya Municipality, we have fulfilled our responsibility on this issue. After that, the Metropolitan Municipality belongs.

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