Asphalt paving for Örnekköy Industrial site

Asphalt move for Örnekköy Industrial site:Karşıyaka Municipality, Ornekkoy Industrial Site is saving the trades from dusty and muddy roads.
Örnekköy Industrial Estate, which has been struggling with infrastructure problems since the day it was founded and struggling with dust and mud in summer and winter due to unpaved streets, Karşıyaka After the asphalt paving works of the Municipality has gained a modern look. The site 10 poured 12 thousand square meters of concrete and 500 square meters of hot asphalt into different streets. Prior to the works, the Directorate of Cleaning Affairs carried out a coordinated work with the Directorate of Science Affairs and collected 50 truck debris from and around Örnekköy Industrial Site.
Controlling the water connection points of the shops in the industrial site together with İZSU one by one. Karşıyaka Municipality teams poured concrete in front of all shops after the ground improvement works. Sidewalk and canalets in the renewal of the study link to the industrial site was erased from the beginning. The roads that gained a modern appearance made the face of the residents and industrial estate tradesmen laugh.
Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said that they are struggling with all opportunities to create a more beautiful and contemporary city.Karşıyakato ensure the safety of life and property of our citizens. In line with the demands and suggestions from them, we are renewing the pavements and roads that are worn, worn or collapsed. Infrastructure works KarşıyakaWe will continue without interruption to become a more modern city in every sense. KarşıyakaWe are working to make tomorrows more beautiful today ”.

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