The excitement of ÜNİLİG in Erzurum started with slalom

The excitement of UNILIG in Erzurum started with slalom: The Interuniversity Sports League (UNICH) Winter Sports Games organized in Erzurum started with the alpine discipline with big slalom races.

The Interuniversity Sports League (UNILIG) Winter Sports Games held in Erzurum started the alpine discipline with big slalom races.

Turkey University Sports Federation (TUSF) the first day of liberation from enemy occupation of Erzurum by 97 years of winter sports games within the scope of anniversary events, while the alpine made in women's and men's category was completed with giant slalom races.

37 athletes from 130 universities participated in the races on the ski slope of a hotel in Palandöken Ski Center.

In the women's category, Özlem Çarıkçıoğlu from Koç University came first, Rana Uludağ came second, and Nurdan İncesu from Atatürk University came third.

In the category of men, Levent Taş from Kafkas University won the first place, Ersin Beydüz from Atatürk University, and Mustafa Topaloğlu came third.

TUSF Technical Board Chairman Atakan Alaftargil, who made an evaluation to AA correspondent after the first day races, stated that the competitions between universities have been held in Erzurum before but such a large organization was organized for the first time in five different branches as Ünilig.

Participating in the organization of athletes here representing the universities of Alaftargil, as well as amateur students in the contestants, as well as sportsmen from the national team, thanks to these races in the festive mood of the two groups found the opportunity to meet, he said.

Alaftargil, today without any accident and injury, completed the race in a beautiful way, said:

“The Metropolitan Municipality made a great contribution to this organization and we hope that it will become traditional in the festival atmosphere. Especially after 2011, having Palandöken Turkey's most senior technical infrastructure, it is the center of winter sports. The biggest reason for these races to be held here is that Palandöken and Konaklı have tracks that meet world standards. Because the tracks are blended together with artificial snow and made hard. This allows the first and last skating athlete to race in equal lanes. Of course, in other cities, competitions in accordance with the standard cannot be held together with normal snow. This is the biggest plus of Palandöken and Konaklı. ”

Alaftargil also noted that because of the windy weather, the contestants have difficulty from time to time and added that the athlete must motivate himself against all conditions.

According to information received from the organization officials, the alpine discipline due to the type of afternoon afternoon after the big slalom race

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