Temporary Park to Ereglide Gar

Ereğli Station Sahana Theme parks: Konya's Ereğli District Municipality by Eregli Station Headquarters in the store and the Republic of Turkey for the allocation of land in the idle State Railways (TCDD) has resulted in submissions made to the General Directorate.

Ereğli Mayor Özkan Özgüven signed the preliminary protocol yesterday at the 6th Regional Directorate of State Railways in Adana for the construction of a thematic park on a total area of ​​20 thousand square meters around the Ereğli Train Station. Mayor Özkan Özgüven, who signed a protocol with TCDD 6th Regional Director Mustafa Çopur, visited Ereğli with a study in line with the railway spirit of the lands around the train station. kazanhe said he was going to.

General Directorate of State Railways and State Railways 6. President Özgüven thanked the Regional Directorate for their understanding and common sense and said teşekkür The warehouses and land in Ereğli Station Directorate were idle. As Ereğli Belediyesi, we wanted to get rid of the idleness by demanding the allocation of this place and to sign a project that will add value to the city. Our demand was welcomed by the General Directorate of State Railways and after the official correspondence, our request was responded to in a short time. Today, we are signing the preliminary protocol for the thematic park that we will do in the area of ​​20 thousand square meters. Let our Ereğli be better. Er

TCDD 6. Regional Director Mustafa Çopur, the historical structure around the Ereğli train station will be signed to a beautiful project will be expressed by expressing, "with the insistence of the Mayor of the municipality we believe will add value to the area Eregli, I wish to be beneficial to Eregli," he said.

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