Great enthusiasm to the longest cable car line in the world

Great enthusiasm for the world's longest ropeway: More than half a million people in the first six months of the operation have already used the world's longest cable car line. 2014 3 at the end. The project was completed with the opening of the stage. The connection between Bursa and the entertainment district in Uludağ is now much more convenient and efficient. The 9 is a long distance, and the 1.400 meters and the XNUMX meters reach the destination at a much faster speed.

Uludag is a popular holiday venue in northwestern Turkey. Summer visitors affects the national park, winter is making the home of one of Turkey's largest ski resorts.

The 50 was a laborious journey from Bursa to a few months ago, relying on an annual ropeway and then on a bus or taxi ride. Bursa has authorized LEITNER ropeways to make the world's longest single-cable ropeway system, which makes the journeys quite fast and comfortable.

Founded in December at 2012 Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. the construction and operation of the new ropeway line was loaded.

Turkey's links with the mountain cable car line 4. The big city is one of the most basic traditional activities of Bursa.

Journey time only 22 minutes

Last summer, two parts of the line, which passes through Kadıyayla and continue to Sarıalan, are opened in Teferrüç valley station in northeast of Bursa. In the 30 December 2014, the third section, which created more connections to Uludağ, was opened to service. Now guests can reach the last stop from Bursa in 22 minutes, with 139 cabin and 44 support post. The valley station of the GD8 line is located at the 395 meter, while the last stop is at the 1.800 meter. The cable car line, 35km rather than traveling on the road, takes only 9 km and also offers a panoramic view.

Another outstanding feature of the line is the architecture of the stations built by Yamaç Korfalı, a local architect. He has previously worked with the famous architect Zaha Hadid in London.

New cable car line makes the resort even more attractive

The new ropeway line is both an urban and touristic facility and shortens the journey time, making Uludag a much more attractive one. The ski resort and the national park are also popular among the guests from Istanbul with its rich plant species.

A profitable project

Just a few months after the first 2 part was opened, the new was already a big success.

7 has carried the 2014 passenger from June 520.000 to the end of the year. According to İlker Cumbul, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. Or The new ropeway builds a fast, comfortable and environmentally friendly relationship with Uludağ. This project means a lot to me as one of the locals. Bu

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