Eurostar High Speed ​​Train

Disruption in Eurostar High Speed ​​Train Services: It was announced that one of the Eurostar high speed trains connecting the capital of England, London to Europe, had delays and some flights were canceled due to the crash of a person.

In a statement made by Eurostar, “As a result of a train crash between a person between Ashford International and Ebbsfleet International, it was closed as a High Speed ​​line (HS1). For this reason, cancellations and delays occur on Eurostar trains this afternoon. ”

Providing information on the scene of emergency services, the company, the line is being carried out for the opening of a moment ago, he said.

Due to disruptions in expeditions, passengers formed long queues at King's Cross St. Pancras station in the capital London. Eurostar advised passengers to move their tickets to a later date or to return their tickets due to cancellations and delays on flights.

In the statement made by the British Transport Police (BTP), it was reported that the police were called to the scene at about 11.40 local time, a person was killed in the incident, and the necessary investigation was carried out about the incident.

High speed train network Eurostar passes through the Channel tunnel connecting England and France from the sea. Launched in 1994, the Channel tunnel serves more than 20 million passengers a year.

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